Why I’m Running

As I visit with voters and neighborhood groups across the Second Ward, people ask me the obvious question: why are you running for Alderman?

First, I believe that when leaders listen to people, government can make a difference in the lives of those it serves.  At its core, “government” is just a word to describe the things we decide to do together for our collective benefit.  Second, I also believe in the concept of public service.  While we Chicagoans have sometimes been let down by those we have trusted to represent us, I will serve honestly and in a way that brings people together by transforming our neighborhoods from a collection of separate individuals to an organized “us.” It is in that spirit of honest service to the collective that I’ve chosen to run for City Council.

Some people think that Aldermen play a limited role when it comes to important policy matters.  I see it differently.  Chicago is facing serious problems that the City Council must play a role in solving.  Decisions made by city leaders regarding issues like pension funding, taxes, TIF reform and city debt will impact all of us for decades to come.  The stakes are no less than what the future of this city will look like for our children and their children.  I’m running for Alderman to be a leader in building the consensus we need to meet the big challenges, and in the process, make our city stronger, safer, and more prosperous for all Chicago residents well into the future.

I’m also running because although we face big structural challenges as a city, we cannot minimize the concerns of residents in the neighborhoods that we call home. I will be a leader in the effort to build walkable, livable, safe and sustainable communities that nurture both people and our local businesses.  I believe the quality and character of each of our unique neighborhoods defines our shared experience as Chicagoans.  I’m running because I love this city, and I want its people to thrive.  I will be a leader in the effort to keep Chicago moving forward by working to make each neighborhood in the Second Ward as strong and vibrant as possible.

I promise that as your Alderman we will work together to shape our city’s future. My office will always have an open door policy.  I will be independent, transparent, responsive, accessible and, most importantly, accountable to you.  Your input and opinions will always be welcome and considered.  Where we disagree, I will work to build consensus with a collaborative spirit that respects all interested parties.  I will put the Second Ward first.  Working together, we can accomplish big things for our neighborhoods and for Chicago.  I hope you will join me.

Warm regards,
Alyx Signature