Meet Alyx

In her work as an attorney, a member of her Local School Council, and congressional aide, Alyx Pattison has championed the causes of women, children, immigrants and the LGBT community. As Alderman for Chicago’s Second Ward, Alyx will continue fighting for our communities by working to strengthen our neighborhood schools, increase our safety, improve infrastructure, and build our local economy, while also demanding increased transparency and accountability from our city government.

Alyx’s unique background has prepared her to serve the diverse residents of the Second Ward.  As the daughter of a single mom who worked as a secretary, Alyx learned early the value of hard work and persistence. By the time she was 15, Alyx was working as a waitress to save money for her college fund.  She held that job for eight years, using her wages and tips to pay for her education at the University of Utah.  While growing up, Alyx and her mom also took care of her grandmother who suffered severe dementia that left her debilitated and unable to feed, clothe or bathe herself.  These experiences nurtured in Alyx a strong belief in the dignity of work and in treating people fairly.  They have also instilled in her a real understanding of what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet and to succeed in spite of setbacks and challenging circumstances.

Because Alyx has seen the power of a good public education in her own life, she has spent the past three years serving as a Community Representative on the Local School Council at her neighborhood school, Jose de Diego Community Academy.  During her service, Alyx has also tutored Diego kids and worked to leverage the resources her former law firm had to offer the community by connecting them with the school.  With Alyx’s involvement, the firm has provided regular tutoring, significant donations of money and supplies, and has also provided pro bono legal services to the families of Jose de Diego students at monthly legal clinics.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in 1997, Alyx moved to Chicago to work for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.  In this role, Alyx helped craft legislation such as “The Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act,” which shields immigrant women from the threat of deportation – and permanent separation from their children – when they divorce their abusive husbands.  In 2000, Alyx left to pursue her law degree at Northwestern University School of Law.

After graduating from Northwestern in 2003, Alyx joined the litigation department of the law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman.  At Katten, Alyx built a successful practice and became a partner.  While advancing her law career, she always made time to help her community by taking on pro bono legal work that gave her the opportunity to fight for the most vulnerable among us, including the representation of a lesbian woman from Jordan who sought asylum in the U.S. to escape an “honor killing” by relatives opposed to her sexual orientation.  She also represented plaintiffs fighting discrimination based on race, gender and/or transgendered status, and obtained orders of protection for women fleeing domestic violence.  After 10 years, Alyx left the firm to devote herself to full-time public service.

In addition to her service on the Local School Council, Alyx also serves on the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues, as well as on the boards of the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership and the Chicago Bar Foundation.  Alyx lives in Ukrainian Village with her two beloved rescue dogs, Friday and King Henry.  In her spare time, she enjoys running, swimming, yoga, hiking and biking.