Crime and Safety

Protecting Public Safety

In every neighborhood in the Second Ward, I hear from residents who are concerned about keeping our streets safe and making sure we can live, work and play in our communities without fear of crime. As your Alderman, I will work to make our neighborhoods more secure, in the Second Ward and throughout Chicago.

Strengthening Connections with Police

Chicago police officers do hard, hazardous work every day. They are pledged to run toward danger and to put themselves at risk to protect our lives and our property. That’s an incredible act of public service, and we all should respect their courage and dedication. As Alderman, I will work to forge new links with the Chicago Police Department that will help us help police officers as they work to protect our communities.

CAPS meetings

  • My staff and I will regularly attend CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) beat meetings in the Second Ward’s four police districts.
  • I will collaborate with beat officers to develop agendas for CAPS meetings that go beyond crime statistics to address neighborhood concerns.
  • I will encourage more residents to attend CAPS meetings and help police fight crime by sharing what they hear and see in their neighborhoods.
  • I will ask officers to tap into existing neighborhood resources. For example, a group of about 15 members of the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) get together to walk around the neighborhood several nights a week during warm weather. They serve as “eyes and ears” for the neighborhood, and their observations of potential dangers have resulted in improvements in lighting and streetscapes.
  • I will invite CAPS representatives to my ward nights and pop-up office meetings, giving residents and police a chance to get to know each other better.

Creating new dialogues with Chicago police

  • I will encourage the Chicago Police Department to send representatives to street fairs, neighborhood meetings and other appropriate local events.
  • I will help CPD explore ways to use social media to engage with Second Ward residents because there are already a number of neighborhood groups which have a very strong and well-established online presence to share information.

Putting More Police on the Street

  • I will keep a very close eye on the budget and will fight for full funding of the Chicago Police Department, including putting more cops on the street.
  • I support the Mayor’s recent budget increases to CPD to put more police bike and foot patrols in our neighborhoods, which will serve as a deterrent to help stop crime before it starts and prevent small problems from escalating into major threats to public safety.

Keeping Guns off the Streets

  • I am fully committed to reducing the numbers of guns on Chicago’s streets. I believe that sensible gun laws help to save lives.
  • I support a complete ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles and other assault weapons.
  • I support stronger restrictions on gun dealers to prevent sales of firearms by “bad apple” dealers to straw purchasers and gun traffickers.
    • If a gun dealer reasonably suspects that a potential purchaser plans to resell a weapon for criminal purposes, that dealer has a duty to refuse that sale.
    • I support videotaping of all gun sales in Chicago.

Using the Second Ward Volunteer Corps

As your Alderman, I will create a Second Ward Volunteer Corps. My vision for this Volunteer Corps would include a number of ways to volunteer to help keep our neighborhoods safe including:

  • Organizing neighbors whose mission is to form “positive loitering” walks and actions to patrol each neighborhood in the Second Ward.
  • Forming an even stronger network of block clubs so you know your neighbors and your neighborhood.
  • Organizing events at our parks, schools and community gardens to meet neighbors and connect with each other.

To read more about my vision for a Second Ward Volunteer Corps, click here.