Campaign Mascots

Alyx is an animal lover!  And, a firm believer in the saying “life is better with a dog.” She has rescued two pups, Friday and King Henry, pictured below. They are each very special animals with their own unique and adorable personalities.

Friday, the black lab, is a lovable senior citizen who has always been aloof and takes some time to become your friend.  But, once she is, there will be kisses aplenty! Also, she does not cooperate for pictures!

King Henry, the toy poodle (we think) will be your friend immediately.  But, he will tell you in no uncertain terms when you’ve done something wrong.  It’s not unusual to get a growl from him if you disrupt his nap or put away his toys.  But, never, ever a bite!  Unlike Friday, Henry is Mr. Photogenic – right?


Both Friday and Henry will make frequent appearances with Alyx on the campaign trail and in the campaign office.  They look forward to meeting you!

You also might come across Kinley, Campaign Manager Nick’s puppy, who spends a good deal of her time at the campaign headquarters.  Kinley says hello!